How to Select a Data Provider

data providerHow can a company choose the best source for information? These 6 tips will assist any organization in selecting a data provider.

The world is becoming increasingly data-focused, and thus more sources for data are becoming available. With more and more options for data providers, how can an organization be sure that it’s choosing the one that aligns with its needs? The following 6 tips can assist any organization when choosing a data provider.

1 – Data Quality

The most important aspect in choosing a data provider is ensuring that the needed data is available and that it is of high quality. One aspect that contributes greatly to data quality is how precise the data is. The data needs to be accurate in terms of location and supporting information. For example, a quality fiber route database has fiber routes that are digitized and standardized to the center of the street they are located on and reflects carrier designations, geographic references, and other supporting attributes. Quality data leads itself to GIS accuracy and spatial confidence.

Other dimensions that contribute to data quality consist of completeness, reliability, and timeliness also referred to as currency or how up-to-date the data is. Not only does data need to be qualitative, but also quantitative.

2 – Data Depth and Breadth

Data depth and breadth are very important aspects when selecting a data vendor. Data depth refers to either the points or quantitative underlying attributes. Data breadth, while sometimes interchanging with depth, is unique.

According to Effective Database Management, “Breadth of data is about the different sets or types of data that an organization manages.” If an organization specializes in demographic data, a customer may want there to be datasets that reflect age, household incomes, consumer behaviors, and more.

3 – Samples or Trials

When choosing a data provider, a consumer may not be able to detect how their data ranks in quality, depth, and breadth prior to purchase. For this fact, it is essential to choose a provider that is confident in its product and can provide a data sample or a service trial. When vendors can provide these examples pre-purchase it shows that they have a product they can stand by and believe in. Data providers that provide samples or trials are more trustworthy vendors and will deliver more often than not.

4 – Customer Servicedata provider customer service

Excellent customer service creates an environment where consumers feel respected and understood. This allows for companies to retain customers and improve on products and services with said customers’ trusted feedback. This creates a win-win situation for business decisions. Selecting a data provider that also has great customer service can be very beneficial in these ways and more.

5 – Stability

A company that has stability can be very beneficial when selecting a data vendor. The more stable the vendor is the more faith a consumer will have in the partnership and that they will receive accurate and consistent data updates. The underlying attributes and the quality of the data can vary when a consumer is forced to change vendors. These factors make it important to find a vendor that has a proven track record of stability.

6 – Core Values

If a vendor is being evaluated and the organization has all the previously discussed qualities, one more attribute that could set it apart from the competition is the vendor’s core values. It is generally important to consumers to support companies that donate to charities, improve local communities, reduce carbon emissions, and have similar values.

How GeoTel Measures Up

A telecom data provider that matches and exceeds all these areas can be found with GeoTel. GeoTel’s data goes through rigorous quality assurance checks when being allocated, digitized, and applied to its various products and services. Its telecom data depth and breadth are unmatched throughout the industry. If consumers have any pre-purchase doubts, GeoTel offers GIS sample data and free trials to its online mapping service, TeleTracker.

GeoTel provides excellent customer service and will work with its clients to provide them with the data that meets their needs. For over 20 years in business, consumers can rest assured knowing that GeoTel has the stability to continuously provide the quality products and services that they crave while doing so with community values in mind.

Not only does GeoTel match on all these attributes of selecting a telecom data provider, but they want to go above and beyond by being your telecom data partner. Contact the telecom and GIS experts today to get started.

Author: Valerie Stephen