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Belgium Company Creates New Mapping Software

Belgium Company Creates New Mapping Software

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies is a GIS mapping company, based out of Belgium. Their primary objective is to automate the mapping processes used in both aerial imaging and photogrammetry. With the knowledge they possess, the company has just announced a brand new mobile mapping portal, called the “Orbit Mapping Publisher.”

The Orbit Mapping Publisher will possess the ability to capture, process, and host more than 24 million images, as well cloud-based reference points which can cover an entire territory. The parameters, and the kind of geographic territory to be covered, are totally determined by the requirements of the end user.

This portal is still in the final testing phases, with the Belgium government taking the lead role in this aspect. For instance, they will be using another GIS based technology, called “Image-V,” to process the images of over 65,000 kilometers of road surface. These images will then be made be available to the Mapping Publisher over a two year period of time.

A key, differentiating factor of the Orbit Mapping Publisher versus other mapping software is that this tool can provide a vast amount of data to many end users. For example, up to a couple hundred terabytes of information can be accessed by thousands of end users–all at the same time.

Government entities have been using GIS technology for decades. GeoTel Communications offers fiber network maps, fiber lit buildings, and other fiber data sets to assist in analyzing fiber infrastructure in a spatial, map-like environment. If you are interested in obtaining fiber network maps for a particular city or metro area, contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172 or visit us at

Valerie Stephen