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T-Mobile’s Network Coverage Ranks Highest to Kick Off the Year

T-Mobile’s Network Coverage Ranks Highest to Kick Off the Year

T-mobile network coverage uploadKicking off the year, the T-mobile network coverage came in first place. If an entity has a service provider that starts with a “T” and ends with a “Mobile” than they are in luck. According to the Ookla Speedtest Global Index for the United States Q4 2022, T-Mobile came on top across the board.

Q4 Market Analysis

T-Mobile had the fastest median download speeds amongst mobile operators in the US during Q4 2022 of 151.35 Mbps. Verizon Wireless was in second place with 69.01 Mbps and AT&T came in third with 65.67 Mbps. As for the fastest median upload speeds, T-mobile came in first again with 12.53 Mbps, Verizon Wireless was second with 9.33 Mbps, and AT&T was third with 7.98 Mbps.

However, all three top mobile operators came in close rankings when it came to the median multi-server latency for Q4 2022. T-Mobile had the lowest latency with 56m. Verizon Wireless was extremely close in second with only 58 ms in median latency and AT&T was third with 60ms.

The report went on to various categories consisting of Consistency (T-Mobile had 86.8%), Overall Video Score (T-Mobile had 75.93%), 5G Video Score (T-Mobile had 79.38 %), and various 5G categories in which T-Mobile ranked highest in each.

Regional Speeds

The Ookla Speedtest Global Index for the United States Q4 2022 also listed the top states in various categories. The top three states with highest Median Download Mbps are Minnesota, Illinois, and New Jersey. The top three areas with highest Median Upload Mbps are New York, D.C., and Massachusetts. Furthermore, the fastest provider for each region should come as no surprise.

T-Mobile Network Coverage

T-Mobile was ranked as the fastest network provider in 45 states and D.C., the provider also ranked in 86 out of the top 100 most populous cities in America.

Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile stated, “We’ve long led the industry in 5G, but we’ve had our sights on more than 5G leadership… We’re taking the crown as the overall network leader in America by expanding our coverage and game-changing speeds to deliver the best experience and value to customers across the nation, and we’ve only just begun to show what T-Mobile’s network can do.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen