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Time Warner Responds to Google’s Move in Austin

Time Warner Responds to Google’s Move in Austin

Along with Google’s announcement that they will bring their Fiber service to Austin, Texas, another announcement from a corporate blog has recently started to gain the attention of Texas locals. This announcement came from a much less popular telecom company in the area, Time Warner Cable. Announced in their corporate blog, Time Warner plans to deploy free public Wifi for its customers in Austin. The company is also offering a free trial and prepaid access starting at $2.95/hour to those not qualifying for free access.

This announcement is viewed as a defensive move by the cable giant in response to Google’s plans to bring its high-speed Internet service to the area. Time Warner Cable has mentioned that as they build out their network, customers will be able to access hundreds of new Wifi hotspots. The telecom provider wants customers to be able to take their high-speed Internet with them on the go so that they can maximize their Internet subscription service.

“We’ve been rolling out our free WiFi network across our footprint for some time now, as part of our larger strategy to offer significantly more value to our Internet subscribers. Austin was in the game plan for 2013. But Google’s recent announcement encouraged us to deploy our network more aggressively now,” said Jeff Simmermon, Time Warner Cable’s director of digital communications.

To find Wifi coverage, current customers can download the free TWC Wifi Finder app. With this app, customers can view Time Warner’s network map of hotspot coverage and find the hotspot nearest them. As Time Warner builds out their coverage, their network map will grow.

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Valerie Stephen